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  • First receive our Interior Detail. 

  • First interior maintenance appointment must be made within 5 days after initial Interior Detail appointment.

  • Vehicle must be in "Good Standing" condition. 

Terms and Conditions:


Our maintenance services are use it or loose it. Which means if a schedule date is missed, an Interior Detail will have to be completed in order to qualify for the maintenance service. This prevents abusing the maintenance service pricing and discount. Depending on weather condition that permits a client from coming in, the interior maintenance appointment can be rescheduled for a different date/time. 


The frequency of maintenance will depend on how often you would like your vehicle to be cleaned and the condition you would like it to be in. A monthly service is highly recommend as a minimum. The 25% off discount from our Interior Detail maybe used as often as you would like, if your vehicle requires a deeper clean. When needing an Interior Detail, select the option for your next appointment and this discount will be applied (fees and up-charges still apply).

To cancel your maintenance plan, you can notify us for a request of cancellation.


  • Please Remove ALL Personal Belongings/Trash From Vehicle 

  • Empty Out Compartments (We Will Only Clean Out EMPTY Compartments)

  • Stated Prices Are Starting Prices And Can Change Upon Vehicle Inspection And/Or During The Service.

  • Additional Charges May Apply For Excessively Dirty Vehicle, Dog Hair, Etc. 

  • Add A Description Of Your Vehicle's Make, Model, Year In Notes Section When Booking A Appointment 


NO RUSH POLICY: At MINNWEST, our reputation is built on quality services and we will not comprise the integrity of our work by taking shortcuts. If services are not allowed the total amount of time required, that will result in potential errors so please plan ahead and schedule accordingly. We will make our best efforts to ensure that deadlines are met, but there may be some circumstances that will require more time than initially estimated. If the original time and pricing have changed, we will keep you informed throughout the process.

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