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What is Maintenance Detailing?

Maintenance detailing is simply a scheduled car detailing service that happens on a consistent basis, at a reduced price.

There are several advantages to being on a maintenance plan, beginning with the first obvious, it is cheaper! The reason behind this is because the vehicle is detailed on a regular basis, it does not require the same amount of product, effort, and cleaning that a one-time car requires. It is for this reason that a maintenance plan does not cost the same amount as the full detail costs.


A maintenance detail can be either be just the exterior/interior or both. Before your vehicle can receive our maintenance deals. Your vehicle will need to first have a full interior service or full exterior service done.


Mercedes Interior Detail
Corvette Basic Wash

Who is a Maintenance Plan for?

Maintenance clients can expand across a large spectrum, some being mothers that want to keep their mini-vans/SUVs clean for their children. Some are seasonal owners that only drive their vehicle when the weather is nice. Our maintenance plan is for anyone who wants their vehicle looking its best. You do not need to own a supercar to receive our maintenance plan. You qualify for this plan as long as you want your vehicle looking clean.

How Frequent Should You Detail Your Vehicle?

The answer to this question is self opinion based. However, here is some wisdom that we can offer:

  • There is no such thing as "too much" when it comes to detailing your car. If you have the funds to do it, and you want to, then a weekly plan is not only great for always driving a clean car, but also keeping your car in showroom condition for its entire lifetime.


  • When there is too little of a maintenance on your vehicle such as not being washed or protected throughout the life time of your vehicle. Paint/clearcoat can be permanently damaged, stains can be permanently installed on your carpets, and many more issues. These issues can lead to large repair bills in the future in order to have the issues fixed.


  • A maintenance plan can be set on the same day, every month. You can also cancel at any time. Our maintenance plans are use it or loose it. Which means, if one of your schedule service is missed, you will need to book a full service again. The reason behind this is because a skipped service may result to more debris in or on your vehicle, which will require more work. 

Carpets cleaned and protected
Exterior Detail

Why you should have a Maintenance Plan?

  • There are several benefits to being on a maintenance detail plan, first with the most obvious, it is cheaper!


  • Because the car is detailed on a regular basis, it does not require the same amount of product, effort, and cleaning that a one-time customer's car requires.


  • A frequently maintenance service on a car will keep it in the like-new, or showroom condition because dirt is not allowed to sit for an extended period of time, and therefore does not become a permanent part of your car.


  • Regularly cleaning your car’s interior and exterior will help benefit extending the life of the vehicle. Not to excluded, it will most likely increase the value of your vehicle if you decide to trade it in.

    **Nobody likes to buy a unkept car**

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